BRILLIANT Loveheart Lip Care System – Step 1

ENGLISH VERSION (other reviews in English are there)

Usually I don’t write articles about skincare products, but it was a gift from the Korean online store BBcosmetic, so I decieded to write a review on the lip mask of brand Brilliant.

I used to prefer pilling gels that were with cellulose rather than with hard exfoliating particles for all the last four years, because they are atraumatic and much more effective. Korean peeling gels usually have a light texture. I also have an Israeli peeling from Christina. It’s very tight and it hardly spreads over the face. I like both Korean and Israeli peelings. However, I have never tried to apply a peeling on my lips. I have accudently got the product on lips several times, but it was bitter and unpleasant.

The Korean brand Brilliant offers peeling without taste, but with a light pleasant fruit flavor. The texture is dense, but the product spreads easily over the skin. One minute – and the gel is dried up. Peel it – and the skin on lips is soft and smooth! You can see the effect from the very first time even on the weather-beaten lips. This is only the first step in lip care. Next step is to leave a hydrogel patch on your lips, and then apply balm. I want to recommend you to include this steps in your bedtime skin routine. You also shoud better  choose the most nutritious balm. Peeling exfoliates the skin very well, so it needs some time to recover. In the morning you will see a smooth, soft, nourished lips, on which any liquid matte lipstick will lie perfectly!

Do make-up artists need this product? Perhaps they do, especially if they have to apply matte lipsticks often. However I advise it more for personal home use.

Thank you for the attention. I’m a Russian blogger, however you can find some other reviews in English right here.