Liquid foil eyeshadows – TOUCH IN SOL Metallist & Glitter – Margaret, Lottie, Adelio

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I should have taken all the five colors. I should have taken it… It’s a two-sided product: liquid eyeshadow on the one side and glitter on the other. The idea is interesting, the textures are trendy, and the colours are very good. There are some drawbacks, of course. Read more about the eyeshadow “Metallist & Glitter” of the Korean brand Touch In Sol in this review.

I’ll start, as usual, with the description of the package. In this case, it is of high quality. Strong plastic containers for eyeshadow and a dark blue rim, made of either metal or a metal composite, which is pleasant to touch. All the inscriptions are firmly printed on the packaging and do not succumb even to the terroristic nails of the meticulous beautyblogger.

The tubes contain 2.2 milliliters of cream eyeshadow and 2 grams of glitter. There is a terry sponge intended to apply liquid product, and a flexible paddle is intended to apply glitter. It is so inconvenient that it is easier to apply the products with your fingers. But I still prefer brushes. Any brush made with a synthetic hair will approach. Choose the shape that you prefer to work with cream eyeshadow. Please look at the both instruments on the slider below.

As for the products themselves, its’ quality isn’t similar. Shooting first I’ll show the one that I like less than others. “Margaret” is a stunningly beautiful, versatile bronze, however the technical characteristics of the eyeshadow are not so good.

The cream base is too liquid and is almost transparent. The colour is a warm bronze with a bronze shimmer. It is possible to show a dense pigmentation of the liquid eyeshadow on the arm, but it becomes obvious that the pigmentation is weak when you put the product on eyelids. This eyeshadow can’t be used separately from glitter, because it looks faded and boring. Glitter itself is a large flake of similar color, which is very difficult to work with. It is soft, pleasant to the skin, but it’s too loose. I wish you knew how difficult it was to me to get this video-swatch and how I’m still unhappy with it. I also still don’t understand how to tune the camera. I hope the video demonstrates all the shortcomings of the product in this shade.

Contrary to expectations, this duo looks bright and sparkling on eyes. The overall result is a metal finish with a brilliant shimmer. The product is applied to the entire eyelid on the photo below.
The second eyeshadow called “Lottie” became my favourite one. It has a totally different set of characteristics.
A flexible creamy texture with an excellent level of pigmentation applies so easily that I still can’t believe it. You may use absolutely any brush or even a finger to get a coverage from a dense to weightless. I draw your attention to the fact that this product is self-sufficient without glitter. Excellent fixity and marvelous colour. Cold gray-lilac metallic with a holographic microshimmer. Glitter has a close in brightness and saturation color, but with a distinct warm pink undertone. It also contains a holographic shimmer. It is definitely smaller than in the “Margaret” and therefore it’s much easier to apply. The finish is metallic.

Despite the fact that the color is calm and moderate, it does not look dull or flat. Particularly interesting is the fact that the main cold cream base is supplemented by a warm glitter. The glitter is applied to the eyelid closer to the lashes in the photo below. I still don’t understand why it is called glitter – as I have already told before the finish is metallic.

The third colour “Adelio” enraptured me! It is so incredible both in terms of color and in terms of characteristics that I hardly pick epithets as beautiful as the product itself.

Incredible pigmentation, in comparison with which my wonderful “Lottie” seems mediocre, has surpassed all my expectations. A similar compliant texture of the cream part and excellent durability, as in the previous case, makes this cream eyeshadow an independent product. “Adelio” is a rich red colour with dark cold undertone and satin warm finish, it also contains a little noticeable rare silvery shimmer. The glitter is of precisely the same color with a metal finish that contains a large number of silvery, golden and pink shimmers. Its texture is close to the texture of “Lottie”, so it’s also easy to work with it.

I like this shade isolated from the glitter:

And I also like it with glitter. Such a bright coverage can be definitely used for an evening makeup.

I want to show a photo of swatches for all three products. Each trio has the following order: cream eyeshadow on the left, glitter on the right, and cream with glitter in between. Pay attention to the transparent coating of the bronze cream eyeshadow “Margaret”. Look also at good pigmentation of the lilac “Lottie” and the densest color coverage of the burgundy “Adelio”.

I know that I’m still far from bloggers who specialize in extraordinary makeup, but such shades and textures could not but inspire me to make up creatively. You can see bronze eyeshadow and glitter on the eyebrows, in the inner corners of the eyes and the lower eyelid. There is a lilac-pink “Lottie” on the whole eyelid. Red “Adelio” is on the lips and cheeks.

I don’t know why this brand isn’t as popular as other Korean brands in Russia. There are many very interesting products that I would like to try. Any way, I’m very glad that I’ve got these three products.

Thank you for the attention. I’m a Russian blogger, however you can find some other reviews in English right here.