I’m back with a new parcel!

ENGLISH VERSION (other reviews in English are there)

This April was very difficult to me. I have worked so hard that my back and neck ached so badly that the whole last week I had to sleep without a pillow. Now  I’m home, TV’s playing in the background, a cup of coffee is on the table, and there is a box with Korean cosmetics right in front of me. I want to tell you about it very-very-very much!

I missed my blog so much that I do not know how to start my review now. I look at this draft and can’t stop smiling. But I should start already. So, what’s here, we’ll see. The first thing that interested me was the eyeshadow. It is two-sided: liquid metallic on one side and glitter on the other. I have to say that the quality of one of the eyeshadows is worse than that of the other two. But the other two… The first impression was Wow! The saturated pigment, light feathering and the colors themselves had a tremendous effect on me. However I need some time to test it thoroughly. I will show swatches and several makeups later. I have almost forgotten to write that it is the shadow of Touch In SOL. The brand is presented in one of the popular Russian online stores, but with a very high mark-up. Order directly from the Korean store will be much more profitable. I’ll leave the link to the store at the end of the review.

The next product in the parcel is the Brilliant Lip Scrub. So far, I can’t give a full review of the product, because this is only first step of the three-step system. But this step I liked so much, that I want to buy the remaining two! I will not disclose the principle of the product, but I will say that if you still scrub your lips with balm with sugar, then you are outdone. Stay in the blog, if you want to know what product for lip care is the most effective. This is an announcement of upcoming reviews, so I try to write briefly. The third product is 9wishes Vanishing Balm Glow – it has a strange name and doesn’t give in to the accepted classification, but it has a miraculous effect on the skin. I still have to study this product, but I like it already.

As promised, I leave a link to the online store here. Free delivery and the promotional code for a discount of 8% LC0HQGH29043.

Thank you for the attention. I’m a Russian blogger, however you can find some other reviews in English right here.