YADAH TwinAngel BB Cream

ENGLISH VERSION (other reviews in English are there)

When I first saw this BB-cream on the site, I have eyes lit up – I want it! By Murphy’s law, the most long-awaited foundation didn’t fit me. There are both advantages and disadvantages in the Yadah TwinAngel BB Cream. In this review I’ll tell you about it in detail.

The first plus is the packaging. A huge amount of cream – 40 ml –  is enclosed in a nice tube. There is also another product in a cap:

It’s a product for lips and cheeks (1,1gramm). Just look what a nice little pocket mirror! It’s a cute girlish tube.

The cream has a very dense oily consistency. Pigmentation is above average. There is a pronounced flavor, which quickly disappears. The balm for lips and cheeks is also oily to the touch; the pigment has a large milling.

Now, when the technical part of the review is over, let’s talk about my personal opinion. I have missed with the shade! Take a look at photo with three swatches of Yadah BB-creams below. The first two (All Day Cushion and SilkyFit) fuses with the skin, and TwinAngel is definitely darker. I had to ignore the shade to test other properties of the product. It feels on the skin wonderfully. Cream moisturizes and feels comfortable on face (or, rather, it does not feel at all). But then I looked in the mirror I saw that texture it is not as great as it feels. It emphasized little facial wrinkles and pores. Basically, I just “stamped down” such problem areas using my fingertips, but there is a product of the same brand is at the same photo that does not require any correction!

In addition to the miss with a shade of foundation, I didn’t guess with a pale pink shade of the balm. It looks like a greeting from the 90s on the lips (remark for readers: There was a strange trend in Russia in 1990-s when women dyed their hair into blond and used a lot of self-tan and wore a very light pink lipstick), and there is no moisture at all (I could clearly feel the pigment in oil). But this product gave a slight natural glow on cheeks which I really liked very much.

This product didn’t fit me, but still for whom is it made in my opinion? I think that the cream suits girls with darker skin. Suitable skin condition: normal and dry. I have a normal skin and the cream fits well throughout the day, but it requires a correction in the T-zone in 3-4 hours after application.

Thank you for the attention. I’m a Russian blogger, however you can find some other reviews in English right here.