YADAH Silkyfit Concealer BB

ENGLISH VERSION (other reviews in English are there)

Sometimes it seems that I can be easily cought, if it’s written “luminous”, “silky”, “satin”. The chance that I’ll buy a foundation with a similar description (if there is no talc) approaches 100%. No surprise, I was attracted by Yadah Silkyfit Concealer BB-Cream. In a short time I have already being studying the tube.

I was so excited with the promise of silky fit that I haven’t noticed a special surprise! There is also a concealer in the tube with the BB cream (here is the beige little thing on the cap – this is a solid concealer). Why didn’t I guess about it from the name – it is still a big secret. Large volumes that are so typical for Korean brand: 35 ml of cream and 3.5 grams of concealer. Both products are declared to have a flavor. The BB cream has a slightly sweet cosmetic aroma and I almost do not feel it in the concealer.

The texture is very light; it is possible to shade the face very slightly! Application with fingers gives weightless natural cover, but you can get a more layered and dense coverage, if desired. However the concealer is very tight with a great pigmentation. It has a difficult shade containing yellow, gray and greenish hue. Of course, it is not suitable for the delicate area under eyes. But it is perfect covering blemishes. Since I started to use BBs of YADAH I have forgot about skin problems, however I have found another use of concealer. I have a very sensitive thin on the wings of my nose. This area of my face is addicted to rosacea. Concealer covers it perfectly.

BB-cushion of this brand is a little bit too light for me, although I use it every day to correct makeup, but Silkyfit BB is a true match to the shade of my skin. This cream is applied to the entire face with one layer on the photo below. If you look narrowly, you can see the freckles on my face. There is the concealer on the wings of my nose. In fact, I would have preferred a concealer for under eye area, because there is no enough coverage of this BB-cream, but I did not use other special concealing products to show the full picture.

Fixity of this BB is lower than that of the cushion. BB-cream melts on the nose after 3-4 hours after application. But in defense, I can say that it is more comfortable for normal to sensitive skin than the cushion. I suppose that it is not made for oily skin and is definitely good for a normal and dry skin.

Thank you for the attention. I’m a Russian blogger, however you can find some other reviews in English right here.