YADAH All Day Cushion – 21 Light Biege

ENGLISH VERSION (other reviews in English are there)

Korean cosmetics is very interesting because it is designed not only for beauty but also for skin care. UV protection, maintaining of an optimal level of hydration, skin elasticity preservation are some of the many tasks that are set when creating new products. Korean cosmetics are also loved around the world for a pretty decoration. Yadah is one of these cute brands. I have tested three foundations of this brand. I want to tell about the cushion “All Day Cushion” in this review.

I was attracted by the promise of the manufacturer. Deep hydration, fixity, satin finish – it sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Products of Series “All Day” were created in collaboration with the Korean shop for teenagers “Sonyunara”, so the packaging was particularly nice, and this certain pink shade is a signature for this store. By the way, look how wonderful this product fits into the color scheme of my blog!

Let’s return directly to the cushion. It’s pretty big, heavy, contains 15 grams of the product. Packaging is made of semi-matte plastic. It’s a pleasure to hold it in hands. It is made with a very high quality. Technically design is classic – if you need you can remove the refill.

There is no talc in cream. I didn’t find the list of ingredients in English language, but I’m desperate – I used the Google translator to know how this word should appear in the Korean language and compared it with what is written on the package (I really hope I have not mistaken).

The cream has a fresh floral scent that quickly disappears. Shade “21 Light Beige” is bright with subtle pink undertone. The product fits on skin with a very thin layer, the cream is pigmented well. It instantly settles on skin, leaving no oily finish. The product layers easily. However, I can’t say that the finish is satin. It is definitely semi-matte. The shade is a little bit lighter for me that I expected, but it does not look unnatural on the face.

I have to say that this BB cream is more suitable for people with combined and oily skin. I have a normal sensitive skin. Furious Siberian February made it a little bit dehydrated, so the cream emphasized the dryness on my cheeks. It was a big surprise, because no one BB cream used to work like this (including other BBs of Yadah brand). The product fits well on the T-zone. Resistance to normal skin within 6-7 hours, then makeup needs some correction. I think I’ll leave the cushion for summer time, when it is so important to have an easy but long-lasting foundation with UV protection (SPF50 + in the product).

Thank you for the attention. I’m a Russian blogger, however you can find some other reviews in English right here.